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Tan Baby Bearded Dragon sand desk flexi fidget ADHD friend

Tan Baby Bearded Dragon sand desk flexi fidget ADHD friend

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Now available in TAN/Brown combo our baby bearded dragon figure is a whimsical and unique companion designed to brighten your workspace! This adorable baby bearded dragon boasts a traditional color scheme, adding cheer to any environment.

Designed and printed with articulated joints, this desk friend offers a dynamic fidgeting experience, allowing you to pose and play with its flexible limbs, tail, and body. Whether it's perched on your desk, shelf, or computer monitor, its presence brings a sense of joy and amusement to your surroundings.

Each tan Baby Bearded Dragon is part of a limited run, making it a rare and coveted addition to your collection. Made from high-quality materials, this desk friend is built to last, providing endless entertainment and stress relief throughout your day.

Embrace the charm of our Baby Bearded Dragon Articulated Fidget Desk Friend and let its playful spirit inspire creativity and relaxation in your workspace.

At just 0.6 ounces and 4" long this little friend is perfect for pockets, bags, purses, or an easily accessible office drawer.

Printed in 3 colors of filament so there is no paint to chip or fade. Registered authorized maker/seller of MatMire_Makes designs.
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