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Littlest Opossum

Littlest Opossum

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Introducing our smallest 3D printed posable opossum figure at only 8" long from nose to tail, and weighing only 2.3oz – a delightful blend of creativity and functionality! This charming critter comes to life in four vibrant filament colors, adding a playful touch to your collection. 

Crafted for fidget and opossum enthusiasts, our printed figure offers a unique tactile experience. Its modular design and articulated joints make it the perfect companion for moments of creative distraction and relaxation. Whether it's hanging from a shelf, perched on your desk, or curled up in your hand, this posable model invites endless possibilities for customization.

This 3D printed 4 color masterpiece is not just a figurine; it's a dynamic piece of art that adds character to any space. Embrace the joy of fidgeting with our posable opossum – a quirky and versatile addition to your collection.

Printed in 4 colors of filament so there is no paint to chip or fade. Registered authorized maker/seller of MatMire_Makes designs.

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